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Navim Group, syneresis of Navalimpianti and Tecnimpianti, is a leading Italian company in design and developement of systems for passenger and merchant ships, military, offshore and megayachts. Established in 1971 with the name of Navalimpianti Spa in the Genoese hinterland, it immediately felt the urge to expand both in Italy and abroad through numerous offices and subsidiaries.

Among the Italian ones, Tecnimpianti Spa is a flagship that was born in Palermo in 1973 with the aim of following better and closely the works in the Palermo shipyard. Tecnimpianti Spa initially focused on the maintenance and installation of advanced technology systems applied to the handling of fluids on board the ship. Subsequently, the business specializes and focuses on the construction of lifeboat cranes and watertight compartment doors for large merchant ships. However, it was at the end of the 1980s that company experienced a real flowering: with the development of large passenger ships, the construction of cranes for lifeboats more suitable for this new type of ships began, adapting its products to the new requests. Safety, manageability and overall dimensions.

The company then moves on to the construction of passenger and goods access doors, then moving on to lifts for vehicles and trucks, doors, handling systems, access ramps, hatches, mobile bridges, cranes and winches for lifeboats, doors watertight compartmentation systems and other high-tech naval systems. To date, Tecnimpianti Spa is the undisputed world leader in the design and construction of cranes for boats and its products are present on board the most prestigious cruise ships and ferries around the world.

Thanks to the innate vision to measure itself in ever new contexts, the yacht division, Tecnimpianti Livorno, was inaugurated in 2011: strategically positioned, it was created to design equipment for mega and giga yachts and to follow the luxury segment in depth. A stone's throw from the Benetti shipyard, the Livorno office is an engineering excellence that designs sophisticated handling systems with attention to every detail, designed to be up to the most demanding owners.

Would you Tecnimpianti be a part of your project? Write us and we will contact you.

    Would you Tecnimpianti be a part of your project? Write us and we will contact you.