Hinged cranes are designed to provide maximum loading capacity while ensuring safety and ease of operation. The cranes are equipped with multi-element articulated systems and are installed above deck.

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Hinged Yacht Cranes: functionality meets efficiency

Tecnimpianti S.p.A. revolutionizes handling with its articulated cranes, an innovative solution designed to simplify the hauling and launching of tenders and other nautical accessories. Tecnimpianti S.p.A.’s hinged cranes are the perfect fusion of strength and safety, combined with carefully crafted design and unprecedented usability. These instruments, made from the highest quality materials, combine elegance and functionality, ensuring a silent and unparalleled boating experience. If you are looking for the ultimate in performance and reliability, Tecnimpianti S.p.A.’s hinged cranes are the ideal choice for the most demanding shipowners and customers.


Excellent performance

Each hinged crane from Tecnimpianti S.p.A. is designed with the utmost attention to detail to ensure the best performance during every tender and accessory handling operation


Priority to safety efficiency

Safety is our fundamental goal. Every yacht hinged crane is manufactured to the highest safety standards, equipped with components that ensure maximum strength and reliability, guaranteeing safe and efficient operations.

Tecnimpianti SpA’s focus on maximum reliability

Why choose hinged cranes from Tecnimpianti SpA

Easy on-board installation: thanks to the quality of our systems, Tecnimpianti SpA hinged cranes install effortlessly.

Tecnimpianti S.p.A.'s hinged cranesare designed to deliver exceptional performance due to their robustness and maximum safety.

Tecnimpianti S.p.A. cranes enable the crew to handle every handling operation with ease.

Tecnimpianti S.p.A.'s hinged cranesare made with premium materials and state-of-the-art components, ensuring high performance with minimal maintenance effort.

Tecnimpianti S.p.A. offers global service wherever you are in the world

All the advantages of hinged cranes by Tecnimpianti SpA

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Maximum safety

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Easy and efficient handling

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Excellent performance in every situation

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Robustness and reliability

Solutions suited to every need

The wide range of options offered by Tecnimpianti S.p.A.’s hinged cranes is designed to meet the owner’s every need. In addition, hinged cranescan be customized to suit specific projects, ensuring maximum flexibility.

Cutting-edge technology and outstanding performance

The structure of Tecnimpianti S.p.A.’s hinged cranes consists of elements with automated handling, made of wear-resistant, high-quality materials. This combination of advanced technology and excellent materials guarantees outstanding performance in any context.

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