Telescopic cranes are designed to provide maximum loading capacity while ensuring safety and ease of operation. Telescopic cranes are equipped with traversing systems and installed under bridge

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Telescopic cranes for yachts: silent, elegant and functional

Tecnimpianti SpA’s telescopic cranes are a state-of-the-art handling system designed specifically to simplify the hauling and launching of tenders and other accessories.
Strength and safety are the hallmarks of Tecnimpianti SpA’s telescopic cranes, in addition to a careful study of design and ease of use. The telescopic cranes, made of high-quality materials, know how to combine elegance and functionality and offer a comfortable, quiet and unparalleled sailing experience. Tecnimpianti SpA’s telescopic cranes are the ideal solution for shipowners and customers seeking the highest level of performance and reliability..

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Great performances

Our telescopic yacht cranes are designed with the utmost attention to detail to ensure maximum safety when handling all types of tenders and other accessories.


Safety and quiet operation

Safety is our top priority. For this reason, telescopic yacht cranes are supplied in compliance with safety values. In addition, each crane is equipped with components that ensure maximum strength and reliability.

Safety and reliability: a system designed down to the smallest detail

Why choose telescopic cranes from Tecnimpianti SpA

Easy on-board installation, thanks to the quality of Tecnimpianti SpA systems

Tecnimpianti SpA's telescopic cranes are designed for high performance thanks to their robustness and safety.

Tecnimpianti SpA telescopic cranes allow shipboard personnel easy hauling and silent handling of tender boats and all other types of accessories

Tecnimpianti SpA telescopic cranes are made from the best materials and the most advanced components. Thanks to the technology used, they require very little maintenance and always ensure a high standard of performance

Tecnimpianti SpA offers for its telescopic cranes, as well as for all other products, guaranteed service anywhere in the world

All the advantages of telescopic cranes by Tecnimpianti SpA


Easy installation
on board


and maximum safety


Minimum maintenance


Easy to operate
for operators

Suitable for every need

Tecnimpianti SpA’s articulated cranes include a wide range of products, specially selected to meet every type of owner’s needs. It is also possible to customize articulated cranes, should the project require it.

Advanced technology and high performance

The structure of Tecnimpianti SpA’s telescopic cranes consists of various elements with electrohydraulic movement. Both the fixed and telescopic parts are made of wear-resistant and high-quality materials.One fixed body and two extension elements with electro/hydraulic drive. This combination of technology and premium materials determines the cranes’ extremely high performance in any situation.

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Write us to learn more about Tecnimpianti SpA’s range of cranes. We will be happy to help you choose the product that best suits your needs.

    Write us to learn more about Tecnimpianti SpA’s range of cranes. We will be happy to help you choose the product that best suits your needs.